Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

The morning started out with a 45 minute walk in the stroller. Since it was only 6:30 it was a little chilly. In fact - the bottom picture is entitled "Cows In The Mist" - can you make out the cows through the fog?

At noon, Sarah came to play with me so my parents could spend some alone time together. They had lunch and then did some shopping - for me! Daddy found a big yellow duck to use as my piggy bank. Then he put some change in it to start me out. He says it will be my college fund. They also found a ballerina puppet that they are going to use to help in teaching me sign language.

I was an extra good girl today for Sarah and spent lots of time playing with her. She was very surprised to see how well I use my cast - it doesn't slow me down a bit! After she left, Daddy showed me how to draw on the dry-erase board. I figured it out really quickly and drew a picture for him. It is my first piece of art so Daddy wanted to make sure it was posted on the blog for you all to see. He is very proud! With so much play time today, I was definately ready to go to sleep tonight.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. LOVE your new ballerina puppet and your piggy bank. I will be sure to send you some change to put in it. Once mommy lets you start putting change in the bank by yourself, you'll like it even better.

    Your art work is great, you're quite the drawer! Glad that you had such a great weekend, even if mommy doesn't look forward to Sarah coming it's nice to get your parents out of the house together.

    Love you, and am already praying that your next surgery goes well!

    Aunt Kristin