Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

My Mommy and I had a good night last night. I woke up at midnight and four in a good mood and ready to play for a little while before going back to sleep. Unfortunately, with all of the nurses and RT's coming in and out of the room every 15-30 minutes, Mommy didn't get much sleep at all. At 6:30 the resident for Dr Schendel came in and showed Mommy how to stretch my jaw which I really didn't like! Then, she let Mommy know I was free to go whenever I was ready. Since Daddy had to pack up and get to the hospital that left me some time to rest. I fell asleep after the resident left but when I woke up an hour later I was GRUMPY! I couldn't have any more pain meds until 10 so Mommy tried to keep me distracted while she watched the clock. Daddy showed up around 9 am so Mommy was able to run down and get my medications at the pharmacy. About 9:45 the nurse came in and gave me my pain meds and we were on our way!

Once the pain meds kicked in I napped off and on for about an hour. When I did wake up halfway home, I was my happy self once again. I smiled and laughed for Mommy as she played with me. Mommy had thought to bring a DVD player this trip and we watched some Baby Einstein videos which made the trip go by a little faster.

When we got home, my parents unloaded the car while I went down for a nap. While I was sleeping, Mommy went to pick up my brothers from boarding. In her sleep deprived state instead of calling Camp Bow Wow to let them know she was coming to pick them up a few days early, she called a complete stranger instead. The woman called Daddy back while Mommy was gone because she wanted to make sure that Henry and Chili got picked up - she was a little worried!

Throughout the day, I have been battling a fever. At 101.5 my parents are supposed to call the pediatric surgeon on call and I got pretty close - 101.2! Once I got my next dose of pain meds at 4 pm my mood began to improve as my fever started to go back down. I played all afternoon with my parents and my brothers, so glad to be home.

You can probably tell from the pictures above that I am VERY swollen and bruised. Both my parents think I am close to unrecognizable as their cute little Peyton. Instead, Daddy calls me Miss Peyton Square Head (like Sponge Bob Square Pants). I know he is just kidding and the swelling and bruising will eventually go away. Hopefully sooner rather than later!

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. You still look beautiful, even with all your swelling! Your cheeks look like your cousin Jackson's, round and kissable! Hope that we're able to see you before Christmas, as that's just too far away.

    Glad your brothers were able to come home early from Camp Bow Wow, and I'm sure they were happy as well.

    Love you, and happy that you came through surgery SO well. You're such a strong girl!

    Aunt Kristin

  2. Your aunt kristin is right you are even adorable with puffy cheeks!! I am so glad everthing went well and hope that your recovery is speedy, love you and miss you,
    Uncle Jason