Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Since it was a holiday, Mommy and Daddy had the day off. Because Lucille didn't work a few days last week while I was in the hospital, she decided to work today. Mommy got to catch up on some work emails and then her and Daddy got to have a late breakfast together at IHOP. Then Mommy worked for a few more hours and while Daddy was at the gun range, Mommy got a little nap with the doggies. I was in a much better mood today compared to yesterday but my last nap of the day was earlier than normal so I was in bed by 6:30 tonight. Before I went to sleep, though, Daddy got to be the first person to write on my cast. You can see me checking it out above. My parents will have to keep the pens away from me now that I know what to do with them. In the last few days, I have also started to consistently sign "doggy". There are a few ways to sign, but the ones my parents have taught me is slapping my thigh with my hand like I am calling a dog. When I hear the doggies bark sometimes, I start signing "doggy". Mommy also discovered that when she pulls out the pulse ox lead I try to put it on my foot along with my socks. I have been paying attention at bath time!

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. We forgot to get your cast signed before we all left, as you could have an entire arm full of signatures!

    Glad daddy was the first to sign it, looks like you thought that was pretty cool. You are doing SUCH an amazing job carrying around that heavy thing, I hope the next 6 weeks go by quickly so you can have it removed and we can all check out your new hand.

    You're a brave girl!

    Love you!

    Aunt Kristin

  2. I absolutely love these two pictures. They are so precious!