Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

This morning Mommy and I started out with a nice walk to the local park. The area around our house used to be the Machado Dairy and to recognize that - they have placed a large concrete cow in the children's play are of the park. Since my parents are working on the cow sign with me - Mommy decided to let me get up close and personal. I didn't think too much of the cow but I did make sure to wave goodbye when it was time to leave. I also got on the baby swing for a few minutes but started to get scared. Mommy put me on her lap on the big girl swing and that was a lot better.

In the afternoon, Daddy dropped Mommy and me off for a play date with Sophia and Brighton. While Mommy and Kelly talked, I got to take advantage of all the fun toys Brighton has. Brighton was very nice to share them with me. Sophia was a very good girl and didn't hardly make a peep the whole time. I started to get just a little fussy after a few hours so it was time to leave and go home for my mid-day nap. We will plan another play date for after my surgery.

My parents decided to change my trach tonight rather then wait and change it tomorrow night at the hotel. Afterwards, Mommy gave me my old trach to examine since I was so interested in it. She thought for sure it would go straight to my mouth - just like everything else - but she was surprised when I put it to my neck where it had just come from. Daddy wasn't surprised at all - he knows I am a pretty smart cookie. Just because I don't talk yet doesn't mean I'm not taking it all in : )

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Hi honey,
    Looks like your enjoying the last
    rays of summer at your local playground.I think you should take that big cow home with you and put it with your duck bank and start your own little farm!
    I loved seeing you in your blue and yellow dress(another great color on you).Your looking so grown up all of a sudden!
    Know that granpa and I love and miss you and your family,and our
    thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Huga and kisses,
    Granpa and Granma Mower

  2. Hi Tracy--Karen mentioned you had a blog, so I decided to visit and say hello. I love that every post is "written" by Peyton. I'm sure she'll appreciate these journaling posts when she gets older. Hopefully you're doing well!


  3. One other tidbit I forgot to include in my last message:

    My husband's uncle is one of the top craniofacial surgeons in the nation. If you're ever back in Utah and want to check him out, here is his information:

    Dr. Louis Morales
    5089 South 900 East
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    (801) 743-0700
    (801) 743-0701 Fax

  4. Glad that your play date went so well! Now you need to reciprocate and let Brighton come over to share your toys!

    Jackson, Lonnie, and I are praying for a successful surgery tomorrow and a quick recovery. You are such a strong girl that I have no doubt you will do amazing.

    Big hugs and kisses sweet girl! We love you!

    The other Smiths