Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday, September 7th, 2008

I am wearing some of my 12 month clothes but they are just a wee bit too big - I had a hard time keeping my shorts on today but Mommy thought they were so cute so she just kept pulling them up.

Since I am doing so well with signing "doggy" my parents are hoping to get me to sign "Mommy" and "Daddy" now. Since Daddy is on the forehead, when I tried to sign it today, it looked more like I was rubbing my eyes or smacking the side of my head - but they knew what I meant!

I was down to only one does of Motrin today. I had some moments of grumpiness - usually as I am getting ready for a nap, but I was generally a pretty good girl today. I am spending more time trying to pull up to standing - or just standing up from sitting on a parent's lap. Once up I can stand for a second or two before I get back down to sitting. It will probably be a few more months before I am able to stand alone but I am making some progress even with my big ole cast.

With a little help from my parents, I can also get up to sitting from lying down by resting my weight on my cast - it is coming in handy for something at least!

When it comes to changing my trach each week my parents have become old pros. While I was in the NICU, Daddy was in charge of taking my trach out and Mommy was in charge of cleaning my stoma and putting the new trach in. When I came home, though, Mommy felt better changing roles so Daddy has been the putter-iner and Mommy has been the taker-outer. Daddy laid down the law, tonight, and told Mommy that she needs to be a putter-iner at times too. So for the first time in almost a year, Mommy put my trach in. I was a little grumpy since I was so tired, but Mommy started singing "Wheels on the Bus" to me and that helped distract me long enough to get my trach in. It wasn't quite as bad as she remembered so maybe my parents will decide to trade off beign the putter-iner.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Good job Travis!

    Hopefully this "laying down of the law" wasn't initiated by my visit, when I suggested that Tracy start putting in the trach, so she would have the practice. Whatever caused it, I think it's a good idea that Sis change it on occasion as well as Travis, so they both have the experience and comfort level to change it in case they ever got in a jam.

    Good job sissy, I know you're great at it as you are with EVERYTHING involving Peyton. You're the BEST mommy, and Peyton's lucky to have you! Travis and the dogs are pretty lucky too!