Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday, September 5th, 2008

It was another busy day in the Smith household. The phone rang early this morning and woke me and Daddy up, so Daddy came out and got to play with me before he needed to leave. To reward him, I blew him kisses as he left to go to work. He was very happy!

A few hours later, Mommy and Lucille got me in the car to take me to my pediatrician appointment. Since my favorite Dr Scott moved away a few months ago, this would be my first time meeting my new pediatrician, Dr Emge. It is a brand new building and in an unfamiliar part of town so Mommy had a hard time finding it and then finding the parking lot. But, she was still on time and we got signed in. Unfortunately the doctor must have been running really behind because it took almost an hour to get into a room. While we waited, I played with some other kids who had appointments too. I gave them big smiles and they handed me blocks to play with. Then it was in to see the doctor. First came my weight. Without clothes or diaper and with a big ole cast - I was down to 15 lbs. 6 ozs. Mommy tired not to feel too badly - she was expecting weight loss due to the latest surgery. I only got my pneumoia shot today because there is a shortage of the hepatitis A and they had run out. They will give it to me later at my 15th month appointment. Dr Emge is going to order a swallow study for me and is filling out my Mommy's FMLA paperwork. Mommy also checked to see if she had a sling and luckily she has one that is just about the right size. On the way home I fell asleep and then took a good long nap.

In the afternoon I was a little fussy, but a shot is nothing compared to the surgeries I have had this summer!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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