Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

A note from Mommy:

Now that things have settled out from Peyton's latest surgery and her first birthday I have had time to reflect on the adventure of the last year. Thought you might find these stats fun!

Weight gain: 10 lbs. 5 ozs.
Increase in height: 8.5 inches
ER visits: 3 (two to UC Davis and one to Methodist)
Ambulance rides: 2 (both from Methodist to UC Davis)
Surgical procedures: 5 (PICC line, trach, g tube, jaw distraction, hand surgery)
CT scans: 3
Days in the hospital: 48 (NICU, button admission, two surgeries)
Appointments: 71 (specialists, pediatrican, therapy, etc)
Trach changes: 50
Button changes: 3
Smiles: Too many to count
Cost for an incredible baby: Priceless

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