Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday, September 8th, 2008

It has been a full day now without any pain meds and I am doing pretty well considering. I was a little grumpy during my PT appointment today and as the evening wore on but once Mommy took me outside to watch the cars go by I calmed right down. Mommy and I saw some birds so Mommy did the sign for bird like she normally does. She was surprised when I signed "bird" right back!

On the trach website, there was a thread sometime ago about what some of the parents irrational fears were when they brought their child home with a trach. One of the mommies shared that she was afraid a spider would crawl into her child's trach. When Mommy read that she thought it was funny as it was something she had never thought about too much. Then, the unthinkable happened today. Mid-day, Lucille noticed an infestation of ants in the family room & kitchen. Every fall and spring the ants arrive so it was not a big surprise to Mommy. She put down some ant bait and told Lucille it would take a few hours but eventually they would leave. When Mommy came out later in the afternoon for my PT appointment, she picked up my HME from the floor where I had tossed it and put it on my trach. A few minutes later I started coughing really hard and Mommy noticed something in my HME that didn't look right. You guessed it - it was an ant!!! So the question now is where was the ant? Was it in my HME just hanging around or had it actually crawled into my trach and I coughed it up???? Your guess is as good as Mommy's because I ain't tellin!!!! So that irrational fear that another trach mommy had was not necessarily so irrational was it?

Peyton Nicole Smith

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