Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

The morning started off on a strange note when Daddy asked Mommy why she woke him up in the middle of the night by hitting him. Mommy vaguely remembered waking up and talking to Daddy but didn't remember the hitting part. Apparently, Mommy was dreaming that I was in bed with them and Daddy was rolling over on me. She hit Daddy and he woke up. Mommy was pulling the covers off to find "me" in the bed. When she found me she said, "Where is her face?". Daddy pointed out that it was Chili in bed next to her and not me. Mommy said, "That's right, she's in the other room" and then proceeded to turn over and go to sleep. Mommy continues to have dreams that I am in bed with her but they aren't as frequent as they used to be. Daddy plans on wearing a helmet and pads to bed going forward - as well as frisking Mommy at night to make sure she has no sharp objects : )

Today was my pediatric ophthalmology appointment. It has taken since December of last year to finally get in. The reminder said to plan on a 2-4 hour appointment so Mommy was not looking forward to it - espescially because the start of the appointment fell right at nap time. Sure enough, on the ride there I was getting really grumpy. Mommy and Lucille started singing "Wheels on the Bus" but as soon a they stopped I would start crying again. While we waited to get into a room, I watched Elmo on Sesame Street and perked up a little - dancing and moving to the beat. Once I was in a room it took awhile for the resident to come in. I was getting antsy so when she came in and started having me follow toys and lights around I was ready for a distraction. She thought my eyes looked fine but wanted to have them dilated just to be sure. She sent in an aide who fought with me to get the drops in. The first I was upset, but by the second eye I knew the drill and cried and kept my eyes shut so she couldn't get the drop in. After a few minutes of Mommy holding me down and the aide forcing my eye open we got enough in. Then I had to wait 20 minutes for the drops to work. At that point, Dr O'Hara came in to check me out. She said something Mommy has never heard before, "Everything looks normal." Mommy about fell off the chair. Since I am such a special girl when I go to the doctor usually there is something that is being looked at that isn't "normal" - trach, g tube, ears, jaw, hands, etc, etc. So for a doctor to say everything is normal and working well is something Mommy is not used to hearing. Apparently, I don't have a coloboma. Yeah! Instead, she said that when my iris and pupil were developing the membrane between them is still connected a little at one area in my right eye. She said it doesn't cause any problems with vision and that either it will get better or stay the same. Already it isn't as noticeable as it was a few months ago so Mommy thinks it is getting better. After two hours, we were finally able to head home and I crashed right away.

When we arrived home, Mommy got a nice surprise - flowers from Aunt Kristin and cousin Jackson. Mommy got in a few hours of work in the afternoon and then we played together while waiting for Daddy. By 5:30 I was a big grump and since Daddy was going to be home later than usual, she gave me my bath early and I was in bed by 6:45. Daddy came home shortly after and gave me kisses before I fell asleep.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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