Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Another day of teething! I am even starting to wonder how long this will go on. You can almost see the tip of my new tooth in the picture above if you look really close. Mommy and Lucille are sure hoping the tooth makes it's way through soon. Lucille rocked me to sleep twice yesterday for naps - in fact one time she held me the whole hour I napped because I was so grumpy.

In the afternoon I got another dose of Tylenol and was feeling a little better. You can see in the picture above my favorite toys - ribbon, a measuring cup, a soft block, a rattle, a ball and a pacifier. Looks kind of like the results of a scavenger hunt!

So that you can learn my new signs at the same time I am I had Mommy take a picture of them.
Thank You

That "cry" sign sure is coming in handy right now!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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