Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tuesday, May 6th, 2008

My new tooth is really bothering me. I try to stay in a good mood but I must admit I am pretty cranky and grumpy. I used to go to sleep pretty easily during nap time but because my tooth hurts I have been fighting it the last few days. In fact, for my afternoon nap, Lucille put me in my swing when I refused to sleep in my crib. It doesn't look very comfortable but I did eventually fall asleep. Mommy and Lucille give me Tylenol through my tube to help with the pain a little. Mommy also tries to find things I can chew on. I have tried teething rings, saline bullets that were in the fridge and string cheese packets. In the end, one of my favorites is the little heart slinky you can see above. I chew on one side and pull down the other side at the same time.
Terry my special ed teacher and Kirsten my hard of hearing teacher came by together today. While I played with Terry and Mommy, Kirsten would make the signs. Kirsten taught us blanket, push, aunt and uncle. Kirsten and Terry will be out on summer vacation soon so Mommy gave them my blog address so they can keep updated on my progress.
Today was an important day for my nurses - it was Nurse's Day and the start of Nurse's Week. I got Lucille and Marianne each a Cookie Bouquet from Cookies by Design. They were both very surprised - I guess they didn't even know it was Nurse's Day today. So if you have any nurses in your life make sure to say "thanks"!
Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Hope Marianne and Lucille appreciate how much you and Peyton love them, and I know that they take WONDERFUL care of my little girl!

    Sorry to hear that your tooth is bothering you, maybe you could try a few more frozen items to try and relieve the pain?

    Love you!

    Aunt Kristin