Saturday, May 31, 2008

Friday, May 30th, 2008

What an exciting day! Lot's of good news today.
First, the hospital called and my surgery is scheduled for 8:30 on Monday morning. My parents need to be there at 7 am. Mommy is happy we don't have to wait around all day for surgery and we'll get it done bright and early Monday morning. By mid-morning I should be out of surgery and in recovery. Mommy is going to bring her laptop so she can hopefully get an internet connection and update the blog to keep you all informed of my progress.
In the afternoon, Karen, my OT came by to work with me. She noticed right away that my range of motion had improved and my sitting balance is much better then the last time she was here. She was very impressed!
Finally, and this is the best news of all, my cousin Jackson was born today! He is just one ounce smaller than I was when I was born and the same length. We could be twinners! He is awfully cute. Mommy wishes she could be there to give him hugs and kisses but someday soon she hopes to come visit.
Henry is doing well today. He slept most of the day - probably because of the muscle relaxers he is taking. Chili was very glad to have him home. Since no more stairs or jumping the doggies are officially kicked out of my parents bed and in beds on the floor of their room now. There was some whining and crying but eventually everyone got to sleep tonight.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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