Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Monday, May 12th, 2008

After a pretty tough weekend for my parents, I was in much better spirits for Lucille today. This is despite sleeping only a total of 60 minutes or so during the day. Usually I sleep 3-4 hours but I was much more in the mood to play then sleep. I was happy most of the time but as soon as my Mommy would walk in I would start to cry so she would pick me up. She would try to comfort be for a few minutes until I would calm down and then when my back was turned, Mommy would sneak back to work. It's gotten to the point that Mommy will peek around the corner to see if I am looking or not before she walks into the room since she feels bad getting me all upset and then leaving Lucille to pick up the pieces!

When I was finally ready for a nap it was time for my PT appointment with Michael. Unfortunately, he was 1/2 hour late so by the time he arrived I was not about to do any type of exercises for him. My Mommy told him that they refer to me as a drama queen and he agreed that baby girls are much more emotional than the baby boys. After 45 minutes of whining and crying he cut me a break and let me go take my nap.

Mommy had ordered a memory book for me that is geared towards kids with special needs like me. She paid a little extra so it would be personalized. Unfortunately, the people who made my book assumed I was a boy! Mommy sent off an email to them to see if they could correct it since pages like "Peyton & His Friends" just doesn't make much sense! This book is for age one to age five and it has places to write about my hospitalizations, my early intervention services from the school district and my many doctor's appointments. Although Mommy is most of the way through my first year baby book she is going to order that one and the school years one as well. The books were developed by a mommy who had a little girl with special needs so she did a really good job. It made Mommy cry when she got to the "Peyton's routine section." Not only did it talk about what I eat but HOW I eat. Since no traditional baby book assumes a baby eats other than by mouth it really will be customized to me and how special I am!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Hey Peyton,
    We love the casting your daddy did of your feet for mommy(they look like happy feet!).I loved your talking on the phone the other night.Just remember when you grow up and your parents start complaining about your always being on the phone who it was that encouraged it!
    What a great idea someone had to
    create a baby book that will better
    tell us all about you,the experiences all of your family are going thru, and all the wonderful
    things you are doing.In years to come, you will look thru a baby book that shows you a beautiful
    little girl, that has captivated
    her family and friends since the
    day she was born.
    Good night sweetheart.
    Our love,
    Granpa and Granma Mower