Sunday, May 4, 2008

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Mommy had an early flight to SLC this morning. Lucikly, I was waking up just as she was getting ready to leave so she was able to get me dressed for the day and give me some extra kisses before she walked out the door. There were a few tears but she was very strong.
Daddy got to spend time with me this morning while he waited for Lucille to start her shift. Then he packed my brothers up to take them to camp for the day and Lucille and I were all alone - all day! I was pretty good for her, but didn't take my afternoon nap. When Daddy came home to relieve Lucille, I was grumpy and ready for bed. It didn't take me any time to go to sleep.
The doggies were worn out as well. Apparently my brother, Henry, didn't get along with a dog named Summer and had to go to the counselor's office for a little while. Naughty!!! Daddy told Mommy on the phone later that night that the doggies came home from camp and went right to bed - no dinner or anything. Chili never turns down food so he must really have been tired!
Mommy was able to arrange for Marianne to work tonight since normally Daddy or Mommy would have to be my night nurse. Since Daddy was going to be on his own most of the weekend Mommy wanted to make sure he got as much sleep as he could.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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