Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

It was an extra good day for me today because Lucille returned to work. She told Mommy that she was so glad that Mommy pushed her to attend her mother's funeral in Texas. Lucille said that she thought it was going to be sad and she didn't want to remember her mother that way - but she said she was suprised to find it wasn't sad at all. In fact, she said they did such a good job on her mother with makeup and hair that she looked great - ten years younger!

I was a very good girl for Lucille today - no crying or anything - which made Mommy's day extra good, too.

Aunt Kristin and Daddy planned a surprise for my Mommy. They are having her fly out tomorrow morning to Salt Lake to spend 48 hours to attend Kristin's graduation on Friday night and her baby shower on Saturday morning. Mommy is a little nervous to leave me for so long but she knows Daddy and the nurses will take good care of me. Have fun Mommy!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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