Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday, May 19th, 2008

Today was my follow up with my GI, Dr Davies. It has been three weeks since I was there last with all the problems with throwing up. Since the switch to the soy formula - 20 cal, all the throwing up has stopped. Minus teething and a bout of separation anxiety I have been doing really well. So Mommy was surprised at my weigh in that I had dropped 10 ounces! Now I am down to 14 lbs 2 ozs. I have never been on "straight" formula - it has always been increased in calories to 24 cal (and briefly to 27 cal). So Dr Davies recommended that I go back to 24 cal on the soy formula to try to bulk up a little in the two weeks before my surgery. Mommy talked with her about moving me back to bolus feeds at some point. Dr Davies scheduled another appointment on 6/30 to see how I am doing on the higher calorie soy formula and post surgery and then come up with a plan to try bolus feeds again. Now that I am older everyone is hopeful that I will have better luck with the bolus feeds. Dr Davies also said it would be good to talk to my surgeon about my secretions from eating orally - she is also suspicious that it is an aspiration issue. She thinks it best to hold off on any more oral feedings until there is a swallow study. She doesn't want to risk pneumonia or infection - there will be plenty of time for me to be introduced back to juice and baby food orally. The fact that I am so interested in oral feedings is a good sign that I will be intrested later, too.

I was such a good girl in the car on the way to the appointment and back home. I really like car rides. I fell asleep half way home without a fight and after waking up briefly when we got home I was back to sleep pretty quickly for a 2 hour nap.

In the evening I was pretty moody again, though. Mommy decided to try another real bath with me in the sink but I wanted nothing to do with it tonight. No amount of toys was making it enjoyable for me. So my parents wrapped me up in my cute towel and took me outside in the back yard. Daddy turned on the sprinklers to hit a dry patch and Mommy let me get a little ways into the sprinkler water so I could feel it on arms and face. Even though I didn't really like the bath, the sprinklers seemed kind of fun. When it is warmer Mommy is going to put me in my bikini and run through them with me.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Good morning Peyton,
    Your pictures were really cute yesterday in your bright pink bath towel!My mort favorite one of you is the first one where you are frowning.We rarely see a picture of you where you are not happy and smiling so it really stood out.
    It sounds like it was a good idea to get your follow up appointment with your GI doctor so now you will have a couple of weeks to gain some addational weight.What a problem to have Peyton in a world where everyone is frantically trying to lose weight!
    I have a couple of days off in a row and the weather is going to be nice, so Granpa and I are headed out to the yard to get started on spring clean up.I know my day will be much better now that I have had a chance to see your sweet face and read all about you this morning.
    All our love,
    Granpa and Granma Mower