Monday, December 3, 2007

Saturday, December 1st and Sunday, December 2nd

It was inventory for Daddy so he worked until late Friday night and then had to go back to work early Saturday morning so Mommy and I got some good quality time together. Unfortunately, on Saturday morning I spit up some of my feeding - so the weekend was off to a good start.

Daddy came home Saturday afternoon and told Mommy he thought we should all go to his company party - and my presence had specifically been requested by the CFO of the company. Now normally, children are not allowed at the National Wood company party as things can get wild and crazy (ask my parents about last year!) but since I was invited they decided to be adventurous and go. They dressed me up really cute and packed me in the car. They were only able to stay about 1 1/2 hours before it was time to get home for my feeding but it was good practice for my parents.
Sunday morning Mommy decided to try adding rice cereal to my feeds but I still had a spitting up incident in the afternoon. Mommy and Daddy changed my clothes and my trach tie and then later Daddy noticed blood coming from around my trach. When he looked underneath my trach he saw what he thought was granulation tissue starting to grow next to my stoma - just like what I used to have around my g tube. So that necessitated another trach tie change. To top it off, it was Sunday, when I normally get my trach changed. So, in the course of about 8 hours I had my trach tie changed twice and my trach changed! Luckily the granulation tissue didn't interfere with getting my trach in.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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