Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Monday, December 10th, 2007

It was a rough day for me today. I had two spitting up incidents - once with my 8 am feeding and once with my 5 pm feeding. Mommy has had enough of the Reglan and is going to call my doctor tomorrow to ask for something else. She found some scary info about side effects on the internet and if it is not helping she doesn't want me to stay on it any longer then I need to.
My physical therapist, Michael came by today for a visit. He made me do lots of funny things to test out my motor skills. I am a little behind in some areas, most likely because I can't spend time on my tummy like most babies. Michael taught my parents some exercises they can do with me to help me develop head and neck strength without putting me directly on my tummy. He is going to start seeing me every few weeks to make sure I am progressing like I should.
Mommy received the DeLee suction catheters in the mail today that she had ordered. These will allow someone to suction my trach without the use of a machine. One part of the tube goes in my trach and the other part of the tube has something on the end to suck on. In the middle is a tube to catch any of the secretions. Kind of sounds gross but it is a back up in case of an emergency. Mommy stuck one in my trach bag and hopes never to have to use it!
Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. auntie jannie and uncle steveDecember 13, 2007 at 10:59 PM

    Hello beautiful Peyton! Auntie Jannie is going to try this blog stuf one more time.

    You tell your folks that those Delee Mucous Suction traps are cool. And if they fill it up and it gets in their mouths it's only sweet Baby Peyton spit and barf.
    You tell them Auntie Jannie had to use them in her job in the olden days. Here's the $24,000 question that only Auntie Jannie knows the answer to thanks to real life experience. Is baby poop salty or sweet?