Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

Mommy got up early this morning and called my nurse, Diane to check on me. Diane let her know that the feeding last night went well and they continued to increase the volume. This morning they will do a bolus feed like I would normally get to make sure that stays down as well. Diane told Mommy that I was smiling for the nurses this morning so Mommy was pretty sure I must be feeling better. Diane said she thought I would be discharged today so Mommy and Daddy let the nursing agency know so they could start working on getting me nurses again. My parents spent a few hours running around getting ready for my arrival. They spent some time cleaning and organizing so everything would be perfect when I got home. Then they grabbed a quick bite and headed to the hospital.

They could tell immeadiately I was feeling better because I was very happy to see them. My lungs are still sounding yucky and require a lot of suctioning so Mommy and Daddy will keep my trach mist on all the time until I start to feel better. The Child Life Program at UC Davis put a mobile in my crib to keep me entertained and gave me a pretty crocheted blanket and beanie baby to take home with me. The California Highway Patrol also dropped by the PICU and NICU today to bring toys to all the kids. They left me a rattle and video. Since I already had the very same rattle, Mommy gave it back to my nurse and said to find another baby who would like it. I haven't had a bath or a trach change and smelled terrible! But I was keeping my feedings down and having bowel movements so my parents decided the bath could wait until I got home.

I arrived back home around 2 pm and Mommy started my feeding. I went right to sleep and slept for several hours. When I woke up, my parents decided it was time for my trach change and my bath. I felt so much better once I was all clean!

My 5 pm feeding went well and I fell asleep again for a little while. Normally, when my parents start my continuous feeding at 8 pm I fall right to sleep but I had a hard time getting back into my routine tonight. I fell asleep several times while Mommy was holding me but every time they tried to move me to my crib I would wake back up. Finally, I fell asleep for good around 9:45, right as my night nurse Mimi was showing up.

Mimi was very sweet and brought me pink roses, a Get Well Soon balloon and a sweet card. She said she had been saying the rosary for me and had called Methodist Hospital trying to see if I was there so she could come to visit me. She said she was very happy to see me sleeping soundly and back home in my crib. It is very good to be home.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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