Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Mommy and Daddy had a few errands to run today, too, so I got quality alone time with each of them. Mommy ran to Circuit City to get some printer cartridges and Daddy went to work to print off some reports. We also got my medical records from the six weeks I was in the NICU at UC Davis and Daddy scanned them to a disk. You should see the volumes that have been written about me already! Mommy and Daddy had fun reading the nurses notes that mentioned them. There was even a note about when my Aunt Kristin roomed in with me.
Just as my 2 pm feeding was ending today, I had a big sneeze and up came a lot of my feeding. Mommy is getting a little worried that this new medication may not be doing anything but she will give it a few more days to see what happens.
Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. On the countdown! Only 7 more days until you arrive, and I can't wait!

    Don't forget to send your stocking, as I have a lot of things to fill it up with. I also need your parents stocking, so please give them a gentle reminder.

    Can't wait for Grandma Joyce to start receiving your daily blogs electronically, it will be the best Christmas present ever!!!

    Love you!

    Aunt Kristin

  2. Beautiful little Peyton. This picture of you, and your bright blue happy eyes, is so adorable! I cannot believe how long your eyelashes are...I am jealous! It looks like your hair is getting a little lighter too. I sure enjoy following your progress and watching you grow! I hope I will be able to meet you sometime and see your cute face in person. I know your Aunt Kristin is counting down the hours until you get to her house. Hope your ready to be spoiled by your aunt...cause she is really good at spoiling!