Sunday, December 9, 2007

Friday, December 7th, 2007

Mommy thought for sure this would be a quiet day. After all, there were no doctor's appointments scheduled and just a visit from the nursing agency supervisor - no big deal. Well, that was not to be! While Mommy was on a conference call with work, Lucille came in to the office to let her know my Mic-KEY button fell out! Lucille just planned on replacing it and telling Mommy later so as not to stress her out but Lucille couldn't find the spare one and had to come get Mommy. Mommy put in a call to Daddy and found out it was in medical bag (good thing he hadn't shipped it to SLC yet!). By then several minutes had passed and both Mommy and Lucille tried to get my button in but it was not working. Lucille tried one more time and with a lot of elbow grease she was able to get it in! The reason it is so important to get it in right away is that the hole can close up in minutes and then I would have to go back into surgery to get it placed again. Needless to say, that rattled Mommy a little. Mommy and Lucille checked out the button and found that it had a leak in the balloon that holds it in place under the skin. They couldn't figure out why it had leaked since they are supposed to last at least 3-4 months and mine was only a month old. The answer was revealed later....

In addition to my button excitement, Mommy started me tonight on my first dose of Reglan that is supposed to help with my acid reflux. None too soon since I had another spitting up incident tonight after my 5 pm feeding.

When Daddy got home from work he asked Mommy if she thought my night nurse, Mimi, might be putting my "flush" in the wrong port on my button. There is a port on the top which is where my feeding tube is attached. That is also where I am supposed to be getting "flushed" with a few cc's of water after each feeding to make sure the tube doesn't get blocked with formula. Mommy learned about doing that on Monday when she went for my follow up appointment. There is also a port on the side of the button labeled "BAL". That is where the balloon is emptied and filled with water. Sure enough, when Mommy asked Mimi that night to demonstrate where she was "flushing" me - she pointed to the BAL port. Oops!! For several days she kept adding a few more cc's of water until it got to the point it couldn't take anymore and burst. Needless to say, Mommy and Daddy demoed for Mimi the correct place to flush me in the future.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Never a dull moment sweet girl! I'm grateful that you keep your mom on her toes, but at some point, she needs to start taking care of herself a little also.

    Aunt Kristin will try and pamper her as much as possible when she's in Salt Lake, as she's earned it, and then some!

    Love you all!