Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Mommy left a message for my pediatrician today about wanting to stop the Reglan. The pediatrician called back and recommended coming in for an appointment to do a weight check and talk about options. Mommy and Lucille brought me in to Dr. Scott in the afternoon and I weighed in at 10 lbs! Apparently, the spitting up is not preventing me from gaining any weight!

Dr. Scott and Mommy talked for awhile about my symptoms and Dr. Scott didn't feel another medication was the answer - if Reglan didn't work she didn't think anything else would either. So she is referring Mommy to a gastroenterologist just to make sure there are no issues relating to my Mic-KEY button and sending me for a GI study to rule out pyloric stenosis. Since I am gaining weight so well it is unlikely that I have a medical problem but Dr. Scott would still like to check it out. Dr. Scott gave Mommy some samples of Similac Sensitive R.S which is a premixed formula that is lactose free and has rice starch added. Between the two, she hopes it might help with the spitting up a little. Mommy goes back in with me on Monday for my Synagis shot so they will do another weight check and see how things are going with my new formula. Knock on wood but today was the first day in a few weeks where I didn't spit up so Mommy is hopeful that the new formula will help.

It's kind of funny, but Mommy decided to write Peyton Manning a letter. Because people kept asking her if she named me after him, Mommy had been joking that she was going to write him a letter and she finally got around to doing it. Daddy read it and said they will soon be getting a visit from the FBI or something since Peyton Manning is going to think Mommy is some weird stalker but I thought the letter was kind of sweet. Mommy doesn't think she will ever hear back from Peyton Manning but she is going to put the letter in my baby book for when I am older.


I know you receive lots of requests for autographs, time, donations, etc. Let me assure you, I am not writing you for any of those things. I just want you to know there is another Peyton in this world that you ought to know about.

When I was young, I remember hearing about a soap opera called Peyton Place. I knew when I grew up and had a little girl I would name her Peyton. I hadn't heard the name again until a few years ago when the name Peyton Manning kept coming up. Not being a football fan, I had no idea who Peyton Manning was but when I told all my family and friends I was naming my daughter "Peyton", they all thought I did. In the delivery room the nurse assumed my husband won some bet and that is why we were naming her Peyton!

Babies have a way of changing the lives of those around them, but I don't think anyone could have prepared us for what we have encountered in the few months since her birth. Peyton Smith was born with a rare genetic condition called Nager's syndrome. She spent the first six weeks of her life in the NICU at UC Davis Medical Center. She had several surgeries in the first few weeks of life to ensure her survival including a tracheostomy to secure an airway and a gastronomy tube to allow her to receive nutrition. She will have many more surgeries to come and more challenges then any child should have to endure - but she will make it and she and everyone else around her will be better for it.

For many years, people will associate the name Peyton with you and I am just fine with that, but be prepared that someday in the future when people hear the name Peyton they may not associate it with a big football player. Instead, they are going to remember my daughter because she will inspire them as much as she has insipred me and all those who have come in contact with her. Since I know you have made a difference in many children's lives with your PayBack Foundation, I thought you might want to hear her story. Peyton Smith may be changing the lives of those around her for the better but it's nice to know there is another Peyton out there making this world a better place too.

Tracy Smith

Mommy included a link to my blog and my picture for Peyton Manning. If she does ever hear back from him I will let you all know. That's all for now.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Peyton Manning would be BLESSED to meet an individual like you, and would be better for knowing you and the gift you've brought to the world! We love you SO much Peyton, and are SO proud of the patience and joy you've brought us all!

    Your mom and dad are amazing also, and the older you get, the more you'll understand how much better off you are, for the love and strength they bring to your life!

    Aunt Kristin