Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

The day started with an early morning appointment with my GI, Dr Davies. Lucille, Mommy and I were 45 minutes early (the car pool lane really does work!) but they got us right into a room. Naked, I weighed in at 20 lbs exactly - but with the cast it's hard to say what my weight truly is right now. My dietician, Nicole came in to chat with Mommy. She was happy to hear that I have been doing really well on the Good Start soy formula. On the can it says for 9-24 months old - and I am closely approaching 24 months. But Nicole says I am closer to the size of a 12 month old so I can continue to stay on the formula for quite awhile if it is working for me. Dr Davies thought I looked pretty good. Taking into account my cast, it looked like I had a little growth spurt and grown taller but my weight didn't quite keep up to my last visit. Dr Davies wants to increase my intake by 10% to keep me on a good growth curve. Hopefully when we return in three months I will be back where they would like me to be.

In the afternoon, my occupational therapist, Karen came to play with me. She had brought paints and a frame so I could paint a picture for Daddy for Father's Day. I think I did a pretty good job don't you? When Daddy came home from the airport I was still awake and I showed him the frame I had made him. I think he really liked it and will probably save it forever! I am so glad Daddy is back home, I was asking about him all day!

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Hello honey,
    You have been looking particularly
    beautiful in your pictures over the
    last few weeks!Mommy does such a great job of capturing the moments
    that really let us watch you grow
    and play.{I really loved your picture frame for your daddy,and your daddy will cherish it!}.I think we have a budding artist in our family!Have an absolutely wonderful day getting into as much mischief as possible.Okay?
    All our love,
    Granpa and Granma Mower

  2. Love your artwork sweet girl! I'm sure daddy will cherish it forever, he's lucky to have such an amazing girl as you! You'll have to teach your cousin Jackson how to paint, looks like you're a pro!