Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

After some tips from the feeding therapist yesterday, Mommy and Daddy tried some new tricks with me today. First, when I wanted "more" of something or "down" or wanted to say "hi", my parents would ask me to use my voice instead of my signs. Since I don't like my speaking valve very well, they figured I could just cover my trach instead and then make a sound to get what I want. Well it may not sound like "more" or "down" or "hi" but I caught on quickly and I make a sound in addition to the sign while covering my trach. My parents are hoping that as I use my voice more I will start to get more practice and start saying actual words instead of just vowel sounds.

I am also very defensive when Daddy pulls the toothbrush out. Karen suggested that my parents try mixing up the routine a little. So instead of holding me down to brush my teeth, Daddy let me sit up and brush my own teeth. Every now and again, I would let Daddy brush my teeth a tiny bit too. My parents are also going to try an electric toothbrush to see if that makes tooth brushing time more fun than scary!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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