Sunday, June 21, 2009

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

As if I hadn't had enough of my fill of dentists earlier in the week, my parents took me to a new dentist this morning. Dr Saladine and his office are great, though. They were able to get much better xrays of my teeth and it was easy to see that there was nerve damage so root canals and crowns are in order. I have a couple other strange things going on in my mouth - an extra tooth on the top (right where Mommy's was) and a few fused teeth (where two teeth come in fused together). As long as my cardiologist cleared me for IV sedation, Dr Saladine was on board. But as we were getting ready to leave the receptionist told my parents that the anethesiologist Dr Miller will only give IV sedation to patients 25 pounds or over. Since I am 20 pounds and that is with the cast, she doesn't think he'll agree to it. They are going to get back to my parents on Monday about that. Our last option is to have the work done under IV sedation at the hospital but because Dr Saladine isn't able to admit to the hospital, it will have to be done by the dentist at the hospital instead. My parents are okay with that because once the crowns are taken care of, Dr Saladine will be my dentist going forward and eventually if I need further work under anethesia I will probably meet the weight limit and then it can happen in the office. After all that fun, it probably isn't a big suprise that I fell asleep on the car ride home - holding the balloon they gave me for being such a big girl!
When I woke up, my parents kept an earlier promise and took me to the park to play. They brought lots of bread to feed all the ducks. Once the bread was gone we strolled around the pond and ran into a squirrel. Since we were out of bread, Mommy got into my diaper bag and found the Gerber stars that I like to eat and we threw those to him instead. He didn't seem to mind one bit!
When we made it home, Mommy pulled out the sugar free sucker that the dentist sent us home with. Although I have only had a suckers a few times in my life, I hadn't forgotten what to do with it as you can see!
Despite the dental visit it was a really good day.
Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Hi honey,
    I'm glad your mommy and daddy found a park for you to see ducks at yesterday.There sure were alot of them,and you looked to be having a great time!
    You seemed to be enjoying that sucker a little bit too!Have a wonderful Father's Day and spoil
    your daddy lots!
    Hugs and kisses,
    Granpa and Granma Mower

  2. Looks like you're enjoying the ducks! Glad that after another traumatizing day at the dentist office, you had the ducks, the park, and the sucker to take your mind off your impending dental procedures!

    Hope you're able to get your teeth taken care of quickly, and that you are back to your old tricks in no time!

    Miss you TONS sweet girl! Can't wait until August!