Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

Our day started early this morning with an 8 am vet appointment for Henry. It was time for his yearly exam and shots. Chili stayed home while the rest of us piled in the car. Henry had to bark at all the other dogs of course but once we got in the room he became quite the baby - shaking and crying. The doctor took his temperature and looked at his teeth and declared him healthy. He got a shot in his shoulder and one vaccine up his nose - and he thought he was done. But Daddy decided since Henry is so hard to hold down for nail trimming to hand him over to the experts. They did that in the back and when they brought him out to us he headed straight for the door. I think it was a little traumatic for him!
In the afternoon, my parents left me with Sarah while they went to visit Uncle Jeff in Folsom. Since he is getting ready to move, he had a few items he wanted them to take home. First they had a nice lunch and then it was back to his house to pack up the car. They ended up with a ton of stuff and felt a little bad about it - but Uncle Jeff kept insisting that if they didn't take it he would send it on to Goodwill. I even got some stuff out of the deal - Uncle Jeff had saved his son's wooden train set and lego's. Since Blain is now graduating highschool it is unlikely he wants to take them to college with him so I get to play with them now. My parents pulled out the trains right away and I loved them! This will be hours of fun in the future - thanks Uncle Jeff!
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