Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

You can see that Chili is in my crib with me - and if I had just stopped kicking him and poking him he might have actually stayed with me during my nap time. But I just can't seem to leave him alone so Mommy let him out after a few minutes and he took a nap with her instead - much safer!

As I was going to sleep tonight, Mommy and Daddy were sitting on the chair together. Mommy pretended to slap Daddy across the face and I was watching closely. When my parents looked over, they smiled at me to let me know they were just playing. I started laughing and pretended to slap myself across the face a few times. Now my parents probably shouldn't have laughed but they couldn't help it. They aren't kidding when they say kids pick up on everything - now my parents are hoping I don't do this in public because people are really going to wonder!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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