Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

After all the anticipation, today my great grandma Joyce finally arrived to play with me. And how did I react to her showing up? I buried myself in Mommy's arms and wouldn't move more than a few inches from her! You can't really blame me, I am still throwing up a little bit on my feedings so I am not 100% better yet. As a little time passed I eventually left Mommy's lap and played a little a few feet from her.

In the afternoon, Mommy, Grandma and I went to Mimi's to go get some take out for dinner. While we were waiting for it I walked and danced around the waiting area. I even waved and blew kisses to another man waiting for his take out. I was feeling much better by that point. When we got home I got to eat some ice cream in my high chair while Grandma and my parents ate.

My furry brothers had been at day care all day so when they finally met Grandma they were pretty worn out - not even a bark out of either of them. In fact, Chili sat on the couch next to Grandma and laid his head on her lap for about 45 minutes tonight. I made it on Grandma's lap for about a second before I started crying and wanted off. I may be a little hesitant now, but Mommy knows it won't be long before I am good friends with Grandma and Mommy will finally get her photo op.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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