Friday, April 10, 2009

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Today I had feeding therapy with Karen. I have gotten very picky about what I want to eat, though. Pureed baby food is no longer on the list of options as far as I am concerned. Karen suggested that my parents not present baby food in the jar but "hide" it in a bowl and that might trick me into trying it. Needless to say, I am smarter than that. Karen also said to try adding salsa to it to liven up the taste. Unfortunately, since I won't take the food out of the bowl - with or without salsa - Mommy hasn't had a chance to try this yet. Mommy thinks next time she will try to pull it out of the freezer so I might get tricked into thinking it is ice cream - I will let you know how that goes : )

I got my new speaking valve today. It is a little different and I let Mommy put it on for a little while a few times today. My parents are waiting to spend much time on it until they can introduce the idea of a timer when using it. At my craniofacial panel, the speech pathologist told Mommy to use a timer so that I felt like I was in control - I would know when I would start wearing it and when I could take it off because the timer would go off. When Mommy was talking with Karen about it today, Mommy said the kitchen timer she bought this weekend didn't seem like it would work. It doesn't allow for anything under a minute (we'll start with me wearing the speaking valve for just seconds) and it is pretty boring. Karen suggested using a visual timer. Mommy went searching on line and found one that she thinks I will love. Not only does it have lights to show when my time starts but it will have a yellow light to warn me the time is almost up and then red when the time has finished. It also has several sound options as well for when the time is up. Mommy can't wait until we get it to see if it will work and keep me interested.

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