Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Just when my parents were feeling pretty comfortable with my trach changes - there was a little excitement tonight to keep things interesting. As usual, my parents warn me when it is time to take the trach out. Then they count to three and out it comes. Now, over the last few weeks a little granulation tissue has been developing around the stoma (the hole where my trach goes). So when Daddy couldn't get my trach in my parents figured that must be why. So they did something they have never had to do before - they got the smaller size trach (3.0 vs 3.5). That went in like a charm. My parents decided to try the 3.5 one more time so they took the 3.0 out and once again the 3.5 would not fit so the 3.0 went back in. Talk about musical trach changes! Mommy started checking out the old trach and discovered - it was a 3.0!!!! Apparently, last week my parents put in the smaller size trach without realizing it. Ooops! No wonder the 3.5 wouldn't fit in tonight! So my parents have officially downsized me without meaning to. They are a little unsure what to do about it now so Mommy will put a call in to the ENT tomorrow first thing. The good news - I tolerated a smaller trach. The bad news - they don't have a trach smaller then the 3.0 now. Here's hoping they won't need to worry about it until this gets worked out with the ENT. Now it's a little scary to my parents that not only did they not notice they had put in the wrong size trach - but over a week's time not one of the four nurses who cared for me noticed either!
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