Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday, April 20th, 2009

Mommy was on the phone first thing this morning to the ENT at Stanford to figure out what to do next after the trach fiasco last night. Mid-afternoon the ENT nurse gave Mommy a call back and the news wasn't good. My parents needed to try to get the 3.5 trach back in and it wasn't going to be pretty. Although I was in no "iminent danger" if I was to get sick the trach would be too small and I might start having respiratory distress. A 3.0 trach is really only made for infants 6 months and younger and there is no smaller trach size to put in after 3.0. The nurse was very honest with Mommy about the fun of upsizing. Here's what she told Mommy:

1. Hyperextend my neck - use two rolled up blankets instead of one
2. Moisten the trach with water soluable lubricant
3. Be prepared to push really hard
4. Wait for the popping sound when the skin finally gives
5. There will probably be blood - quite a bit of it
6. If all else fails and the 3.5 trach won't go back in - come to Stanford later in the week and have the doctor put it back in - she's not afraid to use some muscle if she has to

As you might imagine with those comforting words my parents were oh so excited to change my trach tonight. In anticipation of there being some pain, my parents gave me a dose of Tylenol with codeine. They gave me thirty minutes of play time to let it kick in and then it was time to start. (My parents had considered taking a few shots of tequila to relax them a little but Mommy faints at the sight of blood so she was already iffy for the procedure to begin with).

As soon as my parents picked up the trach I started to cry - I have a pretty good memory and last night was not something I wanted to repeat so quickly. Mommy started into "Five Little Ducks" in an overly happy voice and handed me a toothbrush to keep my hands busy. And then after a lot of pushing and some tense seconds the 3.5 trach was back in! My Daddy is totally awesome - such a pro - not even a drop of blood! It hurt and I was crying but within just a few seconds my parents had the trach tie secured and sat me up and I was back to sucking on my toothbrush as if nothing had ever happened. Daddy felt horrible for hurting me so he picked me up and I swear he had tears in his eyes. I could have asked for anything from him at that point and he would have given it to me - too bad I don't know the sign for Shetland pony!

It wasn't long before I fell asleep - peacefully - and now back in a 3.5 trach. Good job Mommy and Daddy!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Good job mommy and daddy!

    They are DEFINITELY pro's, and daddy doesn't need to feel guilty for hurting you, he did a good deed in getting your 3.5 back in!