Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Mommy told me to prepare for a busy day since I had both a feeding therapy appointment and my 6 month audiology check up. I did well with the feeding therapy until it came time for Karen to brush my teeth. Karen got a quick taste of what it is like for my parents to brush my teeth every night and why it takes two to accomplish the task - one to hold me down and one to brush!

I didn't even get a chance to nap before we needed to leave to go to UC Davis for my audiology appointment. Rewind to 6 months ago when the test could not be completed. Mommy was a little apprehensive about today's appointment since I am not just a little bit 2 - I am a lot 2! I started out strong and when I would hear Audrey's voice I would look to the appropriate place in the room. Within just a few minutes, though, I was bored and just ignored all her instructions completely. Audrey tried a few more times and eventually I just started sobbing and asking Mommy to leave. It took Mommy a lot of reassurances and I agreed to stay but the rules would have to change! This time, I would get an item (like a block or a plastic animal) and hold it in my hand. Once I heard Audrey's voice or a buzzer or whistle then I could put the item in a jar and everyone would congratulate me for doing a good job. The waiting was sometimes hard and I would put the item in the jar even when I hadn't heard anything but what do you expect - I like the applause! The assistant mixed it up a little by changing the item I was placing in the jar but after about 1/2 hour I was over that too. Audrey asked if I was all done and I nodded my head yes.

While I played with the resident (he is a 2nd year ENT on an audiology rotation) Audrey explained to Mommy that the transition from the lights and sound to directing me to place toys is something they normally don't do until kids are closer to 3. She said most children don't even get the concept of putting the toys in the jar when they hear a noise and those that do understand the concept won't do it consistently at my age. Audrey was really impressed and she figures I will be a pro when she tests me again in six months. Today's appointment is giving Mommy hope that my cardiology appointment early next year will go more smoothly too.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Congrats on your successful Audiology appointment! I am not surprised that you are more on a three year old level of understanding than a two year old, I would be surprised at this point if there was an area you were NOT advanced in!

    It sounds like this appointment set you up for success for your future Cardiology appointment!!

    Can't wait to see you next week sweet girl, I am counting down the days...