Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

The antibiotics are doing their job and Karen was feeling much better so we went to her house tonight for dinner. I loved all her stairs and spent much of the time pulling Karen and Mommy along with me as I explored the house.

Daddy and Uncle Jeff's flight was scheduled to come in at 8:30 tonight so Mommy figured she would just leave from Karen's house to head to the airport. Daddy called her, though, to let her know the flight had been delayed about 20 minutes for deicing when the plane was coming from Salt Lake. Once Daddy said they were on the plane she tracked it on Delta's website. Just as she was getting ready to head to the airport she got a call from Daddy. She figured it was too early for the plane to land in Salt Lake. Apparently the deicer was still not working correctly and they had to turn the flight around back to Sacramento about the time they hit Reno. Uncle Jeff hates to fly and that combined with the small plane (you can feel everything) he was about ready to get off the plane and drive to Salt Lake. Once they announced the deicer was fixed, Uncle Jeff had a little pow wow with the pilots to get assurance all was well before he committed to finishing the flight. Needless to say, he got a lot of ribbing from the other passengers and the flight attendant for the remainder of the flight!
Since it was getting late, Mommy and I headed back to the house and Uncle Lonnie agreed to go pick them up instead. Good thing, because a few minutes after arriving home, I threw up all over Mommy! She got me changed into my jammies and down to sleep and then she waited up for Daddy. She was thrilled to see him and couldn't wait to turn over night nurse duties to him so she could get some sleep. I woke up a few hours later and signed "hi Daddy" and then sang and signed for him for about an hour before falling back to sleep.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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