Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Although I slept great last night, my parents were pretty restless in anticipation of leaving this morning. Uncle Jeff and Daddy took the luggage and returned the rental car while Mommy and I got a ride to the airport from Aunt Kristin and Uncle Lonnie. Then, we all met up at the terminal to check in. The airport was busy but not crazy as they had anticipated. The security lines weren't too bad, either. Mommy and I met a screener who has a child with developmental disabilities who is wheelchair bound. She has a suction machine at home for her daughter as well and she was completely at ease with me and my machines. She asked a few questions about me and helped Mommy get all my stuff through security and back into my stroller which Mommy appreciated. Since we were early, I took walks around the airport with Uncle Jeff and Mommy while clutching tightly my See's lollipop. With two extra sets of hands this time it was no big deal to get all my stuff and me on the plane and I settled in for the flight home.

After Uncle Jeff's unfortunate flight out, the flight back was pretty smooth. The flight left on time and because it was a bigger plane he got to watch ESPN on the TV which made the flight go by much faster. I enjoyed my Barney video until the battery died. Once we landed, it didn't take long to get all my luggage and we started to head towards the parking garage when Daddy remembered we had forgotten one - the medical bag. Luckily he was able to go back quickly and get it. On the way home I fell asleep still holding my lollipop.

Once we got home, I woke back up and my parents got all my machines set up so I could take a nap. I was so excited to get home that it took me almost 2 hours of rolling around in my bed to fall asleep - I spent most of that time having conversations with each of the stuffed animals and dolls I had left behind catching them up on my time away. While I was asleep, Daddy went to go get my furry brothers and I was very happy to see them when I woke up.

Despite cold meds, when the plane was landing Mommy's ears refused to pop and she was pretty miserable most of the night as the pressure resulted in a lot of pain. She went to bed early while Daddy got me down for the night. I think both my parents were pretty happy to have a night nurse tonight so they could get an uninterrupted night's sleep!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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