Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Due to the vomiting last night, my parents started me out slow and easy this morning with a little bit of Pedialite. As the day went on, they started adding some 20 kcal soy formula in with it and thankfully I held everything down.
Mid-morning Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Jeff and I went to Joanna's Kitchen for a late breakfast. Last year when we went on Christmas Eve day it did not end as well (remember the exploding diaper incident in the high chair?). My parents got to enjoy their meal and the scone this time! After breakfast, they made a quick stop at the grocery store before heading to Grandma and Papa Smith's house for the day. Papa was working until the early afternoon but Grandma Smith was off and she was at the airport getting Uncle Steve (his flight was delayed too). I had a little play time before it was nap time. Mommy and Daddy had brought my trach mist machine and they had some trouble getting it working. Good thing Daddy is handy and after taking it apart and fiddling with a few parts he got it back up and running. Mommy stayed next to me on the bed while I slept. By the time I woke up the entire Smith clan was home and we sat down for a nice turkey dinner. After cleaning up and burning off some of the food we gathered around the tree and opened our gifts. I got lots of wonderful things but my favorite was a book from Grandma and Papa. It was "The Night Before Christmas" and as I turned each page Papa's voice read the story to me. So even when I am far away in California, I can pull out the book and hear Papa read to me.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. LOVE the family in reindeer ears!

    Just one question, why aren't daddy and Uncle Jeff wearing there's???