Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

With complete terror, Mommy and I joined Aunt Kristin, cousin Jackson, Uncle Jason and cousin Traiton to go visit Wade and Paul's house. Now if you have never been to their house it is beautifully decorated for Christmas but it is in no way child friendly! Every room is decked out with all kinds of breakable ornaments, glass snow globes and other Christmas items. With three small children running around Mommy was terrified of all the potential cherished items that may not survive the visit.
Luckily, we discovered a reindeer that sang and danced and that seemed to keep our attention for a while. I had a great time chasing their dog, Shadow around the house. She didn't seem to mind all the hugs and kisses I gave her. Cousin Jackson immeadiately discovered a glass table top with a stone base because it had a beautiful snow globe on top. When he leaned on the table to look the globe the top (which was not attached to the base) started sliding off along with the globe. Good thing Wade was close by to remove both from harms way and then the stone base became a great place for all three of us to sit - like a throne! Cousin Jackson is coming down with a cold so it wasn't long before we needed to hit the road so he could get some Tylenol.
We were supposed to go visit Karen tonight but she is also coming down with something so while she is waiting for the antibiotics to kick in we decided to head to the mall to go see Santa. Last year it was the three of us - Santa, me and Jackson - so we decided to try it again this year. I cried last year and Jackson was oblivious to all the drama surrounding Santa's lap. Santa was set to stay until 6 pm, so when we all showed up at 5 pm we were surprised to find they cut off the line behind us. Apparently, they cut off the line up to an hour ahead of time so that everyone has gone through the line by 6 pm. Lots of families and kids showed up after us but were turned away. I was super excited to stand in line and wait for Santa and I got anxious when I couldn't see him. Jackson was still not feeling well so he was entertained by washing the floor with the wipies in my diaper bag and eating a sucker from See's. The girl in front of us in line was a little older and she waited so long she ended up peeing her pants - good thing for those wipies of mine! When the big moment arrived, I had no problems sitting on Santa's lap. I kept signing "shoes" and pointing my patent leather shoes out to him. Cousin Jackson was a hard sell and Aunt Kristin ended up having to sit next to Santa with Jackson on her lap to get the picture.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Such great pics of you in your beautiful Christmas dress!

    Wish we could have had a pic of just you and Jackson with Santa, but there's always next year...

    Miss you!