Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

It's been several months since I have seen my GI and after such a great review by the endocrinologist Mommy was curious to see what the GI thought of my growth. Both the dietician and Dr. Davies were really happy with my progress and asked Mommy not to change a thing - same volume, same calorie level and same formula for the time being.

Since Mommy had never heard back from Dr. Davies in regards to the balloons on my buttons popping and them being "sucked in" tightly to my tummy many mornings, she relayed the issues I have been having off and on over the last month. Dr. Davies wanted to rule out the placement of the button in my tummy so she sent me off to have an xray just to make sure. Mommy had to bend like Gumby to hold down my hands and my legs at the same time in order to get a clear shot of my tummy but despite my cries and fighting they eventually got one! As we were leaving the radiology office I had tears still rolling down my cheeks but a big smile because I was happy to get out of there!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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