Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

The big day has finally arrived! Daddy packed up all my machines this morning while Mommy spent the morning working. Before I knew it Mommy and I drove to Daddy's work so he could help us with the luggage and take the car back. The airport was dead so we were the only ones in line waiting at the Delta counter to check in my bags. Since I am considered disabled, any luggage that I check with my medical supplies or machines I don't get charged for. Good thing since I had two bags to check with all that stuff! And just look at all my carryon items:

Diaper bag (includes medical supplies)

Suction machine

Feeding pump

My lunchbox with toys

Portable DVD player


Stuffed Santa Claus


Luckily, it would all fit in the stroller and we were able to check the stroller at the gate itself. Security was also pretty quiet and since everything (including my stroller) had to go through it was a good thing! Mommy and I were extra early just in case so I played with my toys, watched my new Barney DVD and looked out the windows at all the plans taking off and landing. Soon it was time to board and since it was such a small plane there were only two seats on each side. Mommy let me have the window seat and I settled back for take off. It was 4 pm by that time and I had not had a nap or pooped all day. Mommy was sure once we got on the plane I was going to have a blow out diaper but she (and all the other passengers) got lucky. Due to the lack of a nap towards the end of the flight I got a little antsy but all in all I was a very good passenger. As we were headed towards the gate after landing Mommy looked over and I had fallen asleep. Too late for a nap now - Mommy kept poking me to keep me awake so I could get off the plane on my own. We didn't pull directly up to a gate but to a ramp and the stroller was waiting at the bottom. So Mommy needed me to walk down the ramp ahead of her so she could carry all the stuff. I didn't really know to hang a left to get to the ramp and just kept walking straight up the aisle into the cockpit! Thank goodness the pilots didn't seem to mind. Eventually, we got down the ramp and Mommy got me in my stroller and off we went to baggage claim. If Mommy thought Sacramento was quiet Salt Lake was completely the opposite. Apparently, every missionary in the world was coming home and all their family members had come out to meet them. It was a madhouse! Eventually, Uncle Jason and cousin Traiton met up with us and helped us get all the luggage to the rental car.

It was a short 15 minute ride to Aunt Kristin and Uncle Lonnie's. While Mommy got all my machines set up for the night, Uncle Jason worked on getting Traiton's toddler bed set up for me to sleep in. Luckily, Grandma Mower was on hand to play with me (although cousin Jackson was not so happy to share her!)

Mommy and I were both exhausted and ready for bed and I got into bed without too much of a fight and off to sleep. Since Mommy is my night nurse for the next 10 days I was pretty easy on her!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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