Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday, March 5th 2009

It wasn't such a great start to the day - after all I had to get my monthly Synagis shot. But I really liked the 1/2 hour in the exam room playing with toys while we waited and I got to listen to the Baby Signing Times CD in the car ride on the way home. The office will call Mommy towards the end of the month to let her know if I will need a Synagis shot in April - let's all cross our fingers it is a mild RSV season in California and I can avoid it!
Mommy heard in the news today that former First Lady Barbara Bush had her aortic valve replaced today. They also announced that comedian Robin Williams will shortly undergo surgery to replace his aortic valve as well. I will probably have this surgery at some point in my life too. Guess I am in good company!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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