Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friday, March 6th, 2009

The Synagis shot didn't seem to take too much of a toll on me yesterday so guess what - I get to have more shots today! It was my 18 month well child check up and immunizations. At least I didn't have to get weighed since I just got one yesterday - 18 lbs. 12 ozs. I had to strip down to my diaper and put on a gown, though. It was HUGE on me, so Mommy tried to tie it up around me so I could still walk around and play while we waited for Dr Emge. I started to get pretty annoyed with it though while Mommy and Dr Emge were talking and requested that it come off. Mommy agreed but she was surprised a moment later when I wanted my diaper off too. Mommy was telling me "no" because she was afraid I might pee on the floor but Dr Emge said go ahead and let me. As soon as the diaper was off, I started signing "potty". Dr Emge asked if I was interested in potty training yet. When Mommy explained my fascination with the process - Dr Emge led Mommy and I to the restroom and had Mommy put me on the potty. I sat for a few minutes but then wanted to get down. We headed back to the room but immeadiately I signed "potty" again. After a few trips to the restroom with Mommy and a few more with Lucille, Mommy told me no more! I was insistent, though, and threw a mini-fit and kept signing "potty". Sure enough, a few seconds later, I peed all over the floor - barely missing Dr Emge! After that, I was ready to have Mommy put my diaper back on and get back to playing! I knew what I was supposed to do - but Mommy just wasn't patient enough to wait until I was ready! Dr Emge was very happy about my progress since the last time she saw me and said I am right on track with other kids my age. She let Mommy know that I have one catch up shot (there is a national shortage) and then I will be done with my immunizations until kindergarten - hooray! Then it was time for my two shots and after a few tears I was ready to get back in the car for a short nap on the ride home. Three shots in two days - I was worn out!

Peyton Nicole Smith

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