Monday, March 30, 2009

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Until early afternoon it was just a pretty normal day. Then Mommy got a call from "Uncle" Jeff at Daddy's work that Daddy wasn't feeling well and they had called the paramedics. When Uncle Jeff called back later he let her know that Daddy was being taken to Methodist Hospital (yes, the same one where I was born). Good thing Mommy has practiced driving with me alone recently because she let Lucille go home and then packed me in the car and we were on our way. We listened to some CD's on the way which helped to calm Mommy's nerves. Mommy had to wait in a line at the ER to talk to someone but once she told them what was going on, they led us back to a room where Daddy was lying down. He has had really bad headaches the last 10 days or so after lifting some stuff at work. All the different pain meds he has tried has not really helped. Today he was sitting in his car at lunch time reading a book and he got really dizzy. So dizzy that he couldn't make it out of the car for awhile. Then he started throwing up. When he finally could, he stumbled into the office and that is when the paramedics were called. Although the paramedics were initially thinking food poisoning when the ER doctor came in he ruled that out pretty quickly. He had Daddy do a few tests (touching his nose, etc) and decided it probably wasn't any type of brain injury and maybe just a pinched nerve or strained muscle. He gave him some meds for the dizziness and vomiting and let him leave. It wasn't a quick process to get to that point - it took about 5 hours. Good thing Mommy had packed my feeding and a few toys. Even so, I got bored quickly so Mommy and I would walk up and down the halls of the ER. One of the EMT's even gave me a Junior Firefighter sticker after I showed him the sign for "firefighter". I think I was the bright spot in the ER that day since I was just so cute smiling and waving at everyone. By the time we left, Daddy was feeling a little better but Mommy is going to take the doctor's advice and have him follow up with his primary care doctor as well.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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