Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

It was a rainy day but my parents decided to brave the weather and take me to the grocery store! I got to show off lots of signs as we went up and down the aisles. I saw all the duckies out for Easter and got very excited. My parents let me hold a big stuffed duckie but then I had to wave goodbye to it because Mommy said it needed to stay at the store. (My crib is getting pretty full with dolls and stuffed animals).
I was kind of grumpy at one point today and requested Tylenol by pointing to it next to my other medications. Once I had a dose I was perfectly happy after that. Mommy thinks I am getting a molar because my finger is always stuck way back in my mouth and I want to eat frozen fruit as much as they will let me.
I really love my boy Cabbage Patch named "Payton". At night I like to roll around with him in my crib until I fall asleep. I like to take off his shoes, socks and pants so he is usually in a state of undress! But he is a good friend and keeps me company at night.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Definitely looks like you're enjoying Payton! LOVE your polka dot PJ's, they are so cute on you!

    Wish that you could convince Jackson that Tylenol is not "toxic", he's not nearly as excited as taking it as you are!

    Love you!