Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Mommy had been hoping that Daddy would get better but to be safe, she decided to get him into his PCP today. Daddy's headache had returned so it was a good thing she had gotten him the appointment. The doctor thinks he has two things going on - a pulled muscle that is creating the neck/head pain and then a viral infection in his ear that is causing the vertigo that then results in vomiting. He recommended that Daddy take Ibuprofin to reduce the swelling in the neck and as far as the vertigo there wasn't much that could be done - it would get better in a few days. My parents headed to the lab to get some routine bloodwork and then home. Early afternoon Daddy was feeling a little better after having a nap so he decided to do some neck stretches that the doctor recommended. Immeadiately, he had another attack of dizziness that eventually led to him throwing up again. Mommy put a call into the doctor's office to try to get a call back. After waiting all evening though, the call never came. By early evening Daddy was feeling a little better but once again the headache had returned in force. Mommy is going to follow up with the doctor's office tomorrow.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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