Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Can you believe it - I am three months old today! Look at how much I have grown! My days at the NICU seen like a faint memory. I have now spent more time home with my parents then I spent in the NICU - what a milestone. I had a pretty good day for my three-month birthday. I did spit up after my 5 pm feeding while Daddy was cutting my fingernails but I was still a happy girl most of the night.

Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. HAPPY 3 MONTH BIRTHDAY PEYTON! I cannot believe how big you are getting. And your hair continues to grow have alot! Are you getting excited to come stay at Aunt Kristin's new house in Salt Lake City? I know she is very excited to have you come stay with her. Your first Christmas! Hopefully we'll get to see a picture of you with Santa before the holiday season is over. You continue to progress as you have, and tell your mom she's doing a great job! Take Care.

  2. Peyton,

    3 months old! Although it may have gone by quickly for you, it hasn't for all of us in Salt Lake, who think about you and miss you every day. I am SO proud of how you've grown and matured, and your personality continues to blossom.

    Less than 3 weeks and I can kiss and squeeze you daily!

    Aunt Kristin