Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friday, November 16th, 2007

Happy 1st Anniversary Mommy and Daddy! Yes, a year ago today, my parents got married at Churchill Manor in Napa, California. It's been a big year for them.
Mommy got Daddy a globe because she says he gave her the world when he married her. Daddy stuck to the paper theme and got Mommy paper roses and a photo mosaic of their wedding picture made up of smaller wedding pictures. It is really cool. If you have never seen them before you can check out this website:
Daddy also brought take out from Outback along with candles and a table cloth. He said if he couldn't bring Mommy out to dinner he would bring the dinner to her! Isn't he romantic - Mommy thinks so! Mommy loved her prime rib and crab - and they made it 1/2 way through dinner before I woke up. I was up for a few hours and then fell asleep by 8:30 so Mommy and Daddy had some quiet time together before Mimi arrived. Mommy and Daddy had a nice anniversary together and are looking forward to all the anniversaries to come.
Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Happy Anniversary + 1!

    Wish you could have been in Salt Lake for the big day, so you could have gone out for a quiet dinner while I watched by beautiful niece, but it sounds like you had a great time regardless.

    Counting down the days until your arrival, and until I can squeeze my baby Peyton daily!

    Miss you and love you all!