Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Monday, November 5th, 2007

It was another exciting day! First, Lucille started her new shift - 8:30-5:30. Now Mommy can hopefully get full time hours in again.
Today I had my dr's appointment at Shriner's Hospital with Dr. James. They are very nice at Shriner's, they will do my hand surgeries for free! I slept in the car and up until they had to take my weight at the hospital. With my clothes on I am a whopping 9 lbs now! I was all smiles when the resident, Tito checked out my hands, arms, shoulders, feet and hips. In fact, I was almost laughing. Everyone commented on my cute dress and all my hair. I know I am a pretty girl but I never get tired of hearing it!
Then Dr. James came in to give my parents an idea of what they plan on doing for me. On my right hand I have four fingers and an underdeveloped thumb. Basically, although I have a thumb it doesn't really work. Dr. James wants to remove my thumb and then take my finger that does work and shorten it and rotate it to be in the position of where my thumb would be. Then, I will have three fingers and a "thumb" on my right hand. That will give me more function on my right hand then I have now. Since my trach is a really good airway for surgery she would like to do the surgery before my trach is removed. So as soon as my Mommy and Daddy know when my jaw distraction is scheduled then she wants to fix my right hand before the jaw distraction surgery while my trach is still in place.
On my left hand she said my fused finger actually looks like it is two fingers and a thumb all together. Since I use it all the time she wants to wait until I am a year or so before doing any type of surgery. She wants to see how I am using it in the future and then make a decision on what to do to correct it. It's possible that I will have three fingers and one "thumb" on both of my hands - a matching set!
As far as my fused elbows she said that surgery to correct this is not very successful so she doesn't think it's worth doing anything about. As far as my rotation, of the two types of rotation I have the better one. She said there are only a few things I won't be able to do - hold out my hand for change and catch "grounders" when I am playing baseball. That's about it!
My shoulders don't work so well either but I think the recommendation is just to get physical therapy to try to develop my muscles more so I am not so stiff.
When it comes to my overlapping toes Dr. James said I probably can't wear high heels but then I probably shouldn't be wearing those anyway. Otherwise, they shouldn't impact me walking and they are very cute so no sense doing any type of surgery to fix them.
I was such a good girl for my appointment, even though I ended up getting my feeding late. Later in the evening I sat with Daddy while he watched TV and I fell asleep. I like to blow bubbles a lot so you can see them in the first picture. Not very lady like but awfully cute!
Peyton Nicole Smith


  1. Oh my goodness you look so big in these pictures. I wish I had a reason not to wear high heels, my only reason is I would fall in front of everyone! Have a great day!

  2. Hello sweet baby!

    Sounds like your appointment with Shriners was a huge success, and you will soon have another surgery under your belt.

    The BEST thing that's happened to me lately is that you now have your plane ticket to come to Salt Lake for Christmas, and I don't have to wait ANY longer to see you! I can't wait until you're here, and I'm hoping you stay with me, but either way, you'll be where you belong.

    Stay strong sweet girl, and soon you will meet your cousins, Uncle Lonnie, and Grandpa Marty!

    Aunt Kristin