Friday, November 9, 2007

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Now that Mommy is back to working full time my furry brothers are back to their old routine - sleeping all day!

Mommy played with me tonight because Daddy had to work late. She pulled out the mirror my Aunt Kristin got me when she was here and I was checking myself out. You can see my big grin above as I am looking at myself - guess I like what I see!

I got lots of presents today. From my Mommy's friends Scott and Marianne I got a cute pink Christmas package with snowman booties. Mommy can't wait to put me in them! It also included a rattle/blankie and I liked it right away! My great-grandpa Gil sent me a "Pooh" outfit for when I am a little older. It is very cute - good job picking it out grandpa Gil! Then my night nurse, Mimi, brought me two cute shirts. One says "up all night, sleep all day" and the other says "my mommy is nuts about me" and has a squirrel on it.

Mommy thinks something is wrong with my feeding pump and put a call in last night to the DME company. Over the last few days it will sometimes give me my feeding way too fast or too slow. Sometimes it is just right. Since it is not to be trusted Mommy wants them to bring me another one.

Peyton Nicole Smith

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