Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thursday, November 22nd - Sunday, November 25th

It has been a long holiday weekend for my parents. I am still having spit up issues and Saturday started to feel like a repeat of last Saturday when I was throwing up. I had a nice Thanksgiving with my parents. Daddy made a great meal for Mommy - prime rib, green beans, grilled artichoke and pumpkin cheescake. He is a really good cook!

In the midst of having problems with spitting up, Mommy had to switch me to formula for my continuous feed at night because she is not producing enough breast milk anymore. Over the next week she will gradually get me off of breast milk completely since her supply is dwindling pretty quickly. As a result of the change, I seemed to have more issues over the weekend with gas so Daddy and Mommy broke out the Mylicon. They are not sure yet if it made much of a difference since I spit up so much on Saturday but they'll keep trying. Mommy is going to talk to the doctor at my next appointment to see if she has other suggestions for keeping my milk in my belly - everything else Mommy has tried doesn't seem to be working too well.

Peyton Nicole Smith


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  2. Cute pictures baby girl! Hope that the formula doesn't wreak too much havoc, and that your tummy is feeling better soon. Counting down the days until you arrive in Salt Lake, so prepare for some extra squeezing and loving from your Utah family!

    Love and miss you all!

    Aunt Kristin (sissy)

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