Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Since I spit up last night, Mommy and Daddy had held off on my trach change until tonight. Unfortunately, I spit up again tonight after my 5 pm feeding. This always stresses my Mommy out but Daddy keeps telling her that all babies spit up and not to worry.
Despite spitting up again tonight, Mommy and Daddy went ahead and changed my trach. When Daddy tried to put it back in he had trouble the first time because I was crying but a few seconds later he tried again and it went in just fine. My button site is looking much better and the granulation tissue is just about gone.
Now I know there will be lots of people who want to buy me presents for Christmas but I really don't need anything. If you insist on getting me something I would love to get books. It would be even more special if you got me your favorite book as a child and wrote a little note in the cover of the book telling me why. That way, I will think of you every time I read it (or my parents read it to me).
Peyton Nicole Smith

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  1. Peyton you are looking so great, I love to see your beautiful smile. You better rest up cause your cousin Traiton is ready to wear you out when you come to visit at Christmas. I have decided that if you need me too, I will dress up as Santa for you, my uncle Steve did it for me and your mommy and aunt and uncle, so I guess its time for me to represent if you still need it, love you and kiss mom and dad for me.