Friday, November 16, 2007

Thursday, November 15th, 2007

It was a tough morning for my mommy. She decided that my nails were getting awfully long so she was going to cut them for the first time. (Now she knows why the NICU doesn't cut fingernails). The first few went just fine and she was feeling all confident. Then, she wasn't paying as much attention as she should and she pinched my finger - rather then cutting my nail. I started crying - and so did she - although she cried a lot harder and longer then I did! She then called Daddy up and said she was a horrible Mommy and he is doing all future nail cutting!
She felt really bad, espescially since she said I don't have any extra fingers to spare ; )

Mommy cheered up later in the day when she got a package from my grandma. It had an anniversary present for her and Daddy (1 year on 11/16) and several things for me. The best was the Christmas dress & matching shoes. They are so cute, Mommy can't wait to put me in them and get some pictures so you all can see. She keeps joking with Daddy that he needs to dress up like Santa Claus so she can get her Kodak moment since she doesn't want to take me to the mall to see the real Santa and expose me to all those germs. Anyone want to dress up like Santa so Mommy can get her Kodak moment?

Peyton Nicole Smith

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